Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Birthday Ride

I've just finished my first week at work after having taken a five week sabbatical. While it was good to be back making an honest living, it also has meant less flexibility in my training. I pretty much have to make it to whatever I have planned each morning or afternoon because there are no longer enough hours in the day for me to make something up.

As I left the office yesterday afternoon I saw the now all-too-familiar clouds rolling in and felt my motivation for going on a ride start to melt. It was after all, my birthday and I sort felt entitled to a day off.

Nevertheless, on the way home, I managed to compromise with myself and turn the planned 30 mile ride into a 20. It was a nice cruise on the Cherry Creek Bike Path heading south. I did manage to catch a little bit of the rain, but it was over quickly and I barely got wet.

Once home, I went out for a nice Italian dinner with my wife. Yep, even after nearly two weeks of it, I still love Italian food.

This afternoon I spent some time at the LBS getting my derailleurs adjusted and getting some pointers from the tech about how to safely remove my handle bars. In the next few days, the Cannondale goes into the Aerus BioSpeed case I bought used on Craig's List way back in May. The San Diego race will be my first opportunity to use it. I plan on dedicating a post just to that.

I've also got a new Zoot westsuit on the way from OneTri. Much to my dismay, I discovered a big tear about mid right leg on the Orca which apparently happened in my hast to remove it in transition at the Creek Streak. It looks as though some of the stitching gave out and the the tear grew from there. I did manage to put it back together, crudely, with some neoprene glue, but it is no longer going to be my primary suit.

Last week, a new 2XU T:2 arrived but it was just too tight in the chest for me to even zip up by myself. I sent it back to OneTri in exchange for the Zoot which I am hoping will fit.

A note on OneTri. The process of returning the suit and getting a new shipped out right away could not have gone more smoothly. I asked them to apply the slight price differential between the two to expedited shipping and they did me on better by giving me enough credit that I had no more out of pocket cost. This is they way you win loyal customers and I must say that if you are looking to do any business on a suit or other equipment I highly recommend them. Their service was nothing short of outstanding and that's a rare thing these days.

Tomorrow sees me back at Grant Ranch for the last time this year. Their season ends 9/4 so that will be my last hurrah for open water swimming in Colorado. The next time in this state will see me in open water, I expect it will be in the chilly stuff I encountered way back at the early part of the season.

This afternoon its off for an easy four mile run and then a relaxing evening down at the Taste of Colorado.

There's soon going to be lots more good stuff to post about here including backing for my first destination race, training for the Rock & Roll Denver Half Marathon, and my plans for off-season training. Tri season may be coming to an end, but the content here on the blog ought to start kicking up a little more.

Until my next post, enjoy the rest of your Labor Day Weekend!

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