Wednesday, February 19, 2014


You would think that vacation would offer plenty of downtime to get a blog post or two completed, but truthfully, this is the first time all week that I've had a few minute to spare.

There's lots of catching up to do, but I'll postpone that for another time.

So, what have I been doing?

Well, while Colorado has not been subject to the worst of the Polar Vortex, we've still had, in my opinion, a much colder winter. More than once, my run workout has been pushed inside to the treadmill because it was dangerously cold outdoors. Whether in or or out (or just making the trek from the Rec Center pool to my car in subzero temps) I've savored the fact that I had this trip to look forward to.

Despite being on vacation, there is still training going on, albeit much easier than anything I was dealing with last week.

Understanding that I am on vacation and not likely to want to spend hours and hours swimming, biking or running, my coach gave me a lighter week with just some easy runs and, since I'm here, open water swimming. The latter is not the traditional mile route around some buoys. There is a large section roped off for swimming that probably takes me three minutes or so to swim the length. It's kind of like an uber-pool considering that I am basically swimming lengths. But it is still and outside swim, something I won't experience back home for another 3 months.

And there have been a couple of runs along the property including some time on the beach. Funny thing about beach running: it sounds good when you are out in the freezing cold, but once you start doing it, it is a little bit of a pain:

There's no biking on the schedule this week and that's fine. Road biking is not advisable because being off the resort property is not entirely safe from both a crime and traffic safety standpoint. On-property, that would mean using the exercycle and I pretty much do that at home any time a ride is on the workout schedule.

I have a couple more days to enjoy here in paradise--Jamaica is really a remarkable place and the local people her are nothing short of fantastic--and then it's back home for a couple of days before a work trip to Phoenix where I'm hoping to get in more outdoor runs.

More to come on my training under a USAT certified coach and the difference that has made in my preparations for the upcoming season.

In the mean time, all I can say about where I am and what I'm doing is "No problem, mon!" and as always, thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

You HAVE to!

One of my big Christmas presents to myself this year was a juicer. I bought it mainly so I could make my own beet juice (mixed with apples, pears and things that, unlike beets, actually taste good) and avoid the cost of buying large quantities of a commercial product.

It got me to thinking about how fanatical some of the people around our sport are. Brett Blankner recently addressed this in his own podcast about a running Twitter argument he was having with some one on the proper way to train for an ultra-marathon as if there were only one.

On another podcast (not naming names) the host went off on a semi-tirade when her guest mentioned chocolate milk in passing. Her ire was not directed at him per se, but you could hear that fanatical anger in her voice that how dare anyone suggest that there might be something beneficial to dairy! Yeah, how dare he!

So the purpose of this post, I suppose, is to affirm to my readers that while I may offer advice and suggestions, none of it is to ever presuppose anything. Part of why I've become so immersed in this sport is the personal journey it has represented to me. Of course, like anyone, I asked for the occasional direction and feedback, but it was always my journey, not the path someone else mapped out for me.

In coming posts I'll talk about some of the benefits I'm getting from a more focused, more intense training plan. If that helps, than I'm glad I could help you on your journey, but I'll never think it's my role to take anyone by the hand and walk them to triathlon success.

Thanks for reading and here's hoping that each of us finds success and fulfillment in our own way!