Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Do This!!!

For all intents and purposes the training is done. No swim, ride or run can make me more ready at this point. I've looked over the course done my best to estimate how long each leg is going to take me how I'm going to attack it. A swim is a swim. It's in a lake. There are no currents and unless it's terribly windy (not in the forecast)it's going to be a lot like swims I've done in other races only little bit longer. If I have a good day I ought to be out anything from 34:30 to 36:00. Could be worse but I'm feeling pretty good about the swim.

The bike has rolling hills but nothing like High Grade road the aptly named section of the ride up Deer Creek Canyon. It's actually shallower than my last long training ride. I am averaging around 17 mph which takes into account my pace on a tough day to my pace on a good day. I did a 40 mile ride on similar conditions to the race course at 19.7 mph. If I could split the difference between my fastest and slowest rides I think I would be okay with that. Keeping adequate nutrition on the ride will be key to success. I'll be eating gel at regular intervals.

Then there's the run. This is the biggest mystery of all. I surprised myself at the Boulder Peak with an average pace of 8:27 and finishing just over a minute behind my BolderBoulder time. However, we're talking about her more than twice as far and long on the bike. It will also probably be about 10° to 20° warmer which means it will be hot. I did a short run after a 58 mile ride recently and was pretty fried. Granted, it was a little bit later in the day and I had less hydration on the ride that I expect to have Sunday. I am about 90% sure at this point that I'll be strapping on my Camelback waist pack so that I can have ice cold water on demand. That might slow the pace of summers but I don't think I'll be going fast enough for that to be a factor. Walking part of the run course is just about a given. Having the heart rate monitor ought to give me a clear indication of when to slow down and recover a little bit. At the Horsetooth Half Marathon back in April, I walked half-mile or so stretch and felt much better afterward. I'll need to make sure I get my rests in as my heartrate demands of them.

As for my head I feel like it is in the right place. I have a desire not so much to be done, but to be out there on the course doing it. Finishing will, of course bring its own satisfaction but I am not allowing myself to think about that now.

Enough waiting. let's do this!!!

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