Friday, August 10, 2012

Training and Drinking Wine

Since Tuesday, I've been here in Napa County balancing eating good food and drinking good wine with trying to get a few workouts in. The wine drinking and eating have gone really well. Fortunately, the workouts haven't been too bad either.

Tuesday I got a little of extra inspiration when we did our first tasting at a place called Velo Vino. That's right, it's a cycling-themed tasting room. The sign outside was enough to draw my attention:

Turns out this place was started by Gary Erickson who is the founder of CLIF Bar. Like so many others who have had success in other areas (Francis Ford Coppolla for example) Gary and his family decided to get into the wine business. 

This place was definitely unique from other tasting rooms. Sure, there's a variety of wines to taste. But there's also an espresso machine and and they also sell a variety of cycling nutrition products (CLIF brand, of course). 

It's a great place and one I'm sure I'll return to on future trips.

Flash forward to Wednesday morning and it's time to go for a ride on my rented bike. The LBS here in Calistoga is just down the street from where I'm staying which was convenient and helpful. There are lots of places to do some serious climbing around here but 1) the roads get pretty narrow and 2) I didn't want to.

Instead, I did a ride up and back on Silverado Trail which is the lesser used but more scenic highway that runs up and down the Napa Valley.

I felt pretty strong on the entire ride and even managed to pick up the pace on the last five miles or so. It was also good I got an early start. Though in the low 60 in the morning, afternoon highs are breaking 100* every afternoon. thanks.

There's video of the ride coming, but it is going to need some pretty heavy editing. I'll post it in the near future.

I returned the bike after the ride and enjoyed the balance of the day first tasting and then enjoying some time at a local mud bath followed by a massage.

This morning, I knew it was important to follow-up the ride with a solid run. There's the Rattlesnake Triathlon coming up in just over a week and the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in about six weeks. The latter is perhaps not my "A" race but it is nevertheless the one with my most ambitious goal of under two hours.

I felt pretty good if not fantastic during my eight mile run around this area. It was a fairly flat course, but I also got after it pretty well  and ran what, for me, is a good pace:

I'm going to take the next couple of days off and then it's back for more open water swimming at Grant Ranch and the slow taper leading up to my final triathlon of the season on the eighteenth of this month. More to come soon.

Thanks for reading!

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