Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2013 Race Schedule

The season only ended a few months ago and it’s still several more to go before the new one start. But it’s not too early to start planning races. I’m ready for a big year and an ambitious racing schedule. After two seasons of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like to race. With that in mind, here’s what I’m looking at for 2013:

Ordinary Mortals Triathlon – April 14

My tri season will start earlier this year with this reverse order event. Run and bike are outdoors but the swim is at the CSU-Pueblo pool indoors. Time to work on my flip turns!

Horsetooth Half Marathon – April 21

I got beat up pretty good by the steep hills at the beginning of the race. Still, it ought to be good prep ahead of my 26.2 event. This is a fairly well run race and I’m hoping to improve on last year’s finish.

The Colorado Marathon – May 5

I’m going to take on the challenge of a full 26.2 mile race. I really have no idea how this one is going to go, but I’m guessing it will be good prep for a couple of 70.3 races. For more on this, see this post.

The Summer Open Sprint – May 18

Your first is always your most special and this was the first time I did a multisport event. I also have been impressed with how they do a race.
Here’s hoping that it isn’t plagued by bad water (2011) or nasty weather (2012). They’re due for some ideal racing conditions!

The BolderBoulder – May 27

Hands down, the best 10K race in the world. A scenic and challenging course through several Boulder neighborhoods and a finish into Folsom Stadium as if you were an Olympian. Rain or shine (and it’s often rain) I love being here on Memorial Day.

5430 Sprint Triathlon – June 16

The first of the three-race Boulder Tri Series. There’s no real format to a Sprint and this one is longer than others in terms of the bike which is 17.2 miles. But that’s okay. I’d rather have that distance longer as I move through the season.
One of the reasons for doing the series is the $350 early entry fee for all three races. It’s a little bit like getting the sprint for free when you pay full price for the Oly and 70.3.  

Lake to Lake Triathlon – June 22

Two races in successive weeks may seem a little excessive, but considering one is a sprint, I think I can handle it. I was at this one last year as a spectator and I think it looks like a fun race to do. It will also get me into the Olympic distance a little earlier in the season and like that as well.
They already have their maps up on the website and it appears that they've done some tweaking to improve the course. I've got to say, I’m pretty excited about this one.

Boulder Peak/5150 Triathlon – July 14

This turned out to be a really good race for me. I turned in a solid bike and had a great run over the fast, flat course. It was the first time I did a WTC-branded event and though I still have a few qualms with them, the production of this race was top-notch. It’s the second on the Boulder Tri Series that culminates in the IronMan 70.3 event in August.  

Ironman 70.3 Boulder – August 4

I thought this was going to be my first 70.3 race last year, but decided to do the HITS race instead. Since this is part of the series however, this one is on the calendar now.
If the quality of the 70.3 events is anything like 5150 events, I think this should be a good one.

Rattlesnake Olympic Triathlon – August 17

I was really impressed with this one last year. Aurora Reservoir is a great venue and the race was put together in top-notch fashion. What’s more, it also features a flat run which always favors me!
In addition to all of this, it’s on a Saturday which is always my preference and not offered very often.

TriRock San Diego Olympic – September 8

Yes, I’m going back after a year off. In 2012, the bike course was changed to go north along the harbor rather than south through more industrial areas. Being familiar with the area, I think this will make for a great ride. The run and swim were already good.Getting to race in the birth place of the sport is always a treat. With family in the area, I have a place to stay as well. Competitor seems to learn from past experiences and get better each year. I think that will be the case here as well.  

Ironman 70.3 Austin – October 27

Doing this race means my full season will be six months long. It also means a 7 week hiatus between TriRock and this one. Definitely new territory for me, but I think it will work. I actually think that some extra time before another big race is a good idea. I’ve mentioned multiple times about doing a 140.6 in the future. Having a six month season is another way to see if that is for me.

So there it is. Nine triathlons, a half marathon, a full marathon and a 10K. There may also be various and sundry “fun run” races depending on what’s available and what I feel like doing.

There are some races from last year that did not make it on this year’s list, for a variety of reasons.

I would actually love to go back and do the Greeley Triathlon, but I expect to be traveling abroad at that time (I have a 20 year wedding anniversary coming up). I’ll probably be back in 2014 for that one if I can swing it.

Sadly, it appears that HITS is also not going to be part of my 2013 Schedule. I’d like to do it, but as of this writing (mid November) no details about their Colorado race are available. I’m sure there is more going on than I’m aware of, but it’s a shame they don’t have things more clearly communicated. With the only date listed as TBD, I have to consider the real possibility that the race will not be coming back to my home state this year.

The Rock & Roll half marathon has become a race of which I’m fond, but it is a moving target. In 2011, it was an October race, then this year they moved it up three weeks to September. Now, they have October 20 as the date. That really won’t work if I’m tapering in preparation for Austin.

I would not be at all surprised to see changes between now and January when I start registering. If that’s the case, I will, of course, do an update.

Thanks for reading!

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