Friday, December 21, 2012

Catching Up on the Shortest Day of the Year

I haven’t posted in a while because there really has not been much happening with me. That said, a few other things are going on so I though I would comment.

Racing Underground sells the Stroke-n-Stride to Without Limits

My guess is that this will be fairly transparent to participants, but it does mean that the two major open-water swim events in metro Denver will both be run by the same company.

I’ve had a fair amount of experience with Without Limits and I think they’ll do a good job. The smaller Aquaman Series has always been fun and generally well organized and I think the Summer Open Sprint triathlon is a top-notch race. While I’ve never participated in the Harvest Moon half iron distance event, I also hear positive things about it as well.

HITS (finally) Announces the 2013 Colorado Event

Unfortunately, it does not work well with my schedule. The race will be in Grand Junction in May. I’m sure it will go over well and I’m also sure it will be well-received by the people Western Slope. Too bad it’s the same weekend as SOST. Driving to Longmont for a sprint is pushing it. Driving all the way to the Grand Valley? Uh, no! Dare I suggest that Colorado would support two events, especially if one of them were on the Front Range?

Ordinary Mortals moves to May

According to comments on their Facebook page, the Ordinary Mortals Tri will be May 11 instead of about a month earlier. Personally, I would prefer the earlier date but from an organizer’s standpoint, the move makes sense. That’s less than a week after I’m running the Colorado Marathon but I think I’ll still be able to do it.

IM 70.3 Boulder Announces a New Bike Course

No longer a two-loop event, this race now consists of a single loop way to the north, part way into Larimer County. I think this is an excellent choice and my Google street-view preview of the course looks encouraging. You spend most of a race on the bike so it’s nice not to have to repeat. The only place this course goes back over itself is on 51st Street in and out of the Reservoir. Since it’s the only paved road into the area, that’s understandable. I’m really glad I signed up not just for this event but for the three race series. No question that I’ll get to know the venue quite well!

It’s only December, but seeing these changes make me excited for the 2013 season! Much, much, much more training is still needed, but I can already sense it!

Thanks for reading!

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