Monday, November 10, 2014

Reminiscing About the Start

Today is not an anniversary of any sort. It just happens to be the day I recalled my initial foray into the sport of triathlon. While my first race was not until the spring of 2011, I started training in earnest in October of 2010.

I’ve been good about saving every workout to Garmin Connect ever since so when I want to see what was going on, I can.

For example, on this date (November 10) in 2010, I ran for 3 miles which took me 32:43 or 10:54 per mile. My heart rate averaged 147 BPM and maxed at 158! I did not keep any notes (as I do now in Training Peaks) but I recall how hard these runs were. In fact, when I started, I did a few of only 2 miles because I was just too gassed to do much else.

If nothing else, looking back at those early workouts gave me some good perspective on how far I’ve come. Perspective can be easy to lose when you’re thinking about how much needs to be done in order to be Ironman-ready.

Anyone who might be reading this wondering whether or not they can enter the sport might take some motivation from it. While my first advice to anyone (especially if you’re over 40 or have had any health problems) would be to check with your doctor first, this sport can become not just something you do but a lifestyle. It helped me lose over 40 pounds and has me looking and feeling better at 45 than I did through all of my 30s.

Thanks for reading and have a great week of training ahead!

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