Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aero Position

Back in January, I commented about the early in-the-week forecast being rosier than what I actually experienced. Fortunately that cuts both ways. Early this week, I expected to be on the trainer today since the forecast said it would be damp today. While my lawn could use the moisture, it really was a nice day to ride.

One of the challenges I've faced on my rides is using the aero bars for any meaningful length of time. Part of that is my fault. It's obviously much easier to ride in the traditional position. Part of it is not wanting to try and steer and control using the bars when I'm riding through a crowded space at 20 mph. And part of it is the difficulty of obstacles on the bike path. I generally stay off the street because too many drivers would sooner run you over and kill you than move a few feet over to give you some space.

One of the nice things about the route I've been riding is that it is relatively free of pedestrians, dogs, sharp curves and other factors that require more steering. That allowed several (mostly) uninterrupted miles in the aero position. No doubt I have more to do but it was the most I've used them outside.

Most of my training is going otherwise well. That said, I've definitely felt more challenged in the last week. While I'm getting stronger and faster, I'm also feeling more tired. Hopefully I'll be rested up this week.  This coming Saturday marks the first of my bricks. Between now and then I'll post an update to my goals.

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