Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back at It

Another week and more training.

Yesterday was kind of crappy out so I went back to the trainer. No question it's an easier ride, but I tried to make it harder by spending about half the time in aero position. Still managed to do 20 miles in just over 45 minutes.'s still a lot easier than riding outside.

This morning I hit the pool. It's been going a lot better as of late. I felt pretty good today (or as good as I could feel at 6:30) and it showed in the results. I swam at an average rate of over 43 yards per minute which is my fastest yet. It's good to see some progress in the water.

Wednesdays are my two a days so after work it was a four mile run. After having run so well on Sunday, I felt obliged to pick up the pace. It was a little hard but I manged to finish in just over 36 minutes so again, it's the fastest pace I've turned in since I started this whole thing.

There's no question that there is still a lot to do and just over two months to do it. Nevertheless, I'm feeling pretty good about where I am. Another run, swim and bike still lay ahead for the week.

After a getting in a couple more early next week, I'm off to Phoenix for work. Just a run planned for there, but I am looking forward to running at low altitude again.

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