Friday, January 6, 2012

Missing Summer

You might read that title and say, “You are aware that it’s early January, right?” Yeah, I know. Warmer weather is still a long way off and winter officially started less than a month ago. Even when spring officially starts in just over two months, it will probably be marked by lots of snow and corresponding cold temperatures. March in Colorado is our snowiest month.  Once that’s done, I’ll probably have to brave some cold days and even colder temperatures when open water swimming commences. At last year’s first swim at Grant Ranch, water temperatures were a not so pleasant 55*.

Tomorrow I have a 2 hour bike ride planned. In my off-season training I’m rotating the longest workout of the week between swim, bike and run. A pretty nasty sinus infection kept me out of the pool last week so I’ll pick that up again later. In the meantime, my bike ride will be on my trainer. That’s not the worst thing, but then I recall scenes like these:

No question: it will be nice to get back to riding outside and in warmer weather!

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