Saturday, May 7, 2011

Out In The Open

My anticipation of today is probably only exceeded by my anticipation for the actual triathlon event.  Early this morning, my brother and I arrived at the Grant Ranch Recreation facility for our first open water swim of the season. Spring has not been balmy here on the front range and the water was well...cold.  According to the Facebook page for Mile High Multisport, it was around 55 degrees.

Stepping into the water was easy enough. It was cold, but the neoprene suit wrapped around my legs was keeping my comfortable. So off we went. Then I felt it. That kind of shocking, bucket of ice water dumped over you cold that takes your breath away. It was hard to swim normally. I tried putting my face in the water, but every time I did, I felt like I couldn't breath. For most of the way out, I rotated my face back and forth with each stroke, but rarely did I try the three-stroke bilateral breathing I had done in the pool.

About fifteen minutes after we started out, I waved at my bro (who was now 200 yards ahead of me) that I was turning back. Initially I sighted on a dock on the shore from which we had left. It was not until I got closer to it that I realized that it was not the spot from which we left. So I turned again and then saw the start point. Due to weather, the buoys they normally use out there were not available today. It was probably just as well, I got a good long swim in. This is a guess but probably fairly close:

Once out of the water, rinsed off and changed into some dry clothes, we hit the road for Longmont--Union Reservoir to be specific. This is the site of the Summer Open Sprint Triathlon and it was our opportunity to ride the bike course.

This was quite a good ride. The course was flat with only the gentlest of hills and rises. Unlike the big climbs I have to do around home, this one allowed me to open up the speed. I feel confident that I'll be able to ride it even faster when I go back in two weeks for the race.

It was, overall, a satisfying day. It did much to bolster my confidence in my ability to actually complete a Triathlon. I also have to say it was nice to have a warm, pleasant day for both activities.

Just to get a little more practice, I'm heading back to Bowles Reservoir next Saturday when the buoys will be set up again. It ought to be a good dress rehearsal for the race swim.

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