Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running for Boston, Too.

Normally around this time of year I would be posting about my registration for the BolderBoulder.  I would express my excitement about being back in the race for another year like this one I did just over a year ago.

But given Monday’s events in Boston, this year’s registration felt particularly poignant to me. This year, sure, I’ll still be out there for my own selfish reasons. But I’ll also be out there, as will many others, in a show of support for everyone who was affected by the bombings.

While one is a full 26.2 mile marathon and the other just a 6.2 mile 10K, they share a lot in common:

  • Both races draw thousands of participants from all over the world.
  • Spectators line the length of each course.
  • Boston and Boulder are as much an event for the local communities as they are for the participants.
  • Both draw large participant fields: 25,000 + in Boston, over 50,000 in Boulder.
  • Each race is steeped in tradition (granted Boston’s is about 85 year older than Boulder’s).
  • Sadly, both make good targets for would-be terrorists.

I don’t especially appreciate false bravado so I won’t talk about how I’m going to muster my courage and face down those who would seek to intimidate me and my fellow citizens into altering our lifestyles out of fear. No doubt, the threat will be reduced by the efforts organizers of this and several other large races. No doubt, I would not willingly put myself in the way of obvious and imminent harm. But no doubt, not much else would keep me from doing what I love on Memorial Day morning: running this race. Is this one for me? Yeah, it always is. But this year it’s also for my fellow runners in Boston, their friends and family and most especially for the victims.


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