Thursday, April 12, 2012

Walking down the BolderBoulder Memory Lane

As you may recall from my post last year, the BolderBoulder is without question my favorite foot race. It’s also the one I’ve done more than any other. This coming Memorial Day will mark my 15th race going back to 1983 when I ran it as a 13 year-old.

Fifteen out of 30 races going back to 1983 you ask? Well, there was a very long gap in there between 1991 and 2005 when I was running almost not at all. I did a couple of 5K’s and made a few half-hearted attempts to train, but I lost my interest. Hence, the gap. There were also odd years like 1989 when I just didn’t train very hard and 2010 when I was recovering from foot surgery. But last year I was back and with my registration just this week, I start a new streak.

I recently discovered that they have kept excellent records back to 1981 with only a few gaps. As a result, I have managed to find the finishing time of every race I’ve done.

Getting data from races within the last seven or eight years is less of a big deal in the era of chip timing and results that can be texted to you, even as you race. But pulling my time from a cold, rainy day in 1983? That’s amazing. Being able to confirm I was as fast as I thought I was in 1987? Way off the cool scale!

If you’ve run the race in the past, the link to their website with the historical results is here:

Perhaps you’ll enjoy reminiscing about past results as much as I have.

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