Sunday, June 9, 2013

Biking in Ibiza

No wi-fi for the last few days so sorry for the lack of any posts.

After several days of doing nothing more strenuous than walking in Barcelona, I was ready to get a little bit of exercise on my first full day on the Balearic island of Ibiza.

It was around 10:30 on Friday morning when the rental shop delivered to me an Orbeca road bike. Although it showed up with speed-play pedals, it the guy delivering it changed them out for look-keo's in just a few minutes. Not long after, I was on my way.

The roads on Ibiza are narrow and most contain no shoulder but traffic was very light and the handful of cars that did come up behind me always gave me a nice wide berth.

The initial miles were flat and then sharply down and I soon found myself just outside a beach area called Cala St. Vincente. The left turn had me heading away from that shore and up hill. Quite up hill as it turned out.

An ever-increasing slope turned into a series of winding switch-backs that seemed to go on and on. In actuality, it was only about 9 kilometers but a lot of it was at a 3% grade! Like so many hills back in. Colorado, the up was immediately followed by a down. 

Virtually no pedaling was necessary as I cruised down hill to the village of San Juan. I passed through it quickly and was not bothered by the Guardia Civil who had set a speed trap at the entrance to the town. Guess I'm not that fast!

As I headed back toward the island's east side, I came across a sign pointing me back to San Carlos which is the town closest to the small hotel where my wife and I were staying. Although it meant cutting the ride short, it also meant not dealing with the heavy traffic in the town of Santa Eulalia which is crowded with tourists and Ibiza's ubiquitous partiers.

The entire ride was captured on my GoPro. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an easy way to transfer let alone edit that footage via iPad. I'll add a link to the finished video when I get back home.

For now here is the view from just outside my room in Formentera:

Not too shabby!

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