Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 By the Numbers

A year that involved Ironman training was likely to produce some fairly significant statistics. Even with my coach’s philosophy of intensity and quality over quantity, it could not be helped that there were some very long training days leading up to the big event.

With the year now behind me, here’s what 2016 looked like:


2774 Miles including:

126 Swimming

2022 Cycling

626 Running

68,787 feet of altitude gain


All of that exercise took 178,130 calories.


When I was on the bike, my average power output was 157 Watts.

When I was running, my average pace per mile was 9:32(I stopped tracking it after the race).

When I was in the water, I swam at an average pace of 56.76 yards per minute.

I didn’t start wearing a Fitbit until May, but according to Garmin, I took 830,764 steps during training. 


Fun facts:

My total mileage would be enough to start at the corner of Tony Gwynn Drive and Park Boulevard in San Diego (outside the home plate entrance to Petco Park) and get all the way to the corner of Macombs Dam Bridge Road and East 161st Street in the Bronx (outside home plate at Yankee Stadium). Of course, someone would have to build 126 miles of canals for the swimming portion!


My elevation gain would be enough to get me up Mount Everest twice (though I think it’s a little steeper than anything I rode or ran!)


My calorie burn is the equivalent of 316 Big Macs. 


With that, 2016 comes to a close and as I look at Training Peaks, I have a fresh set of workouts from my coach to start the New Year.


While I’m sure I’ll often revel in the accomplishment of becoming an Ironman, I’m now more focused on what’s to come and whether I still have it in my to set a personal record at the Olympic distance. We’ll soon find out!


Thanks for reading.

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