Saturday, December 31, 2016

I'm moving!

Well, not in the physical sense. After having toyed with the idea for literally years, I've decided to change platforms and re-name my blog.


Well there are a few reasons. In no particular order:

1. First Timer Triathlete is still a catchy name but in truth, I'm anything but and there are very few truly "new" opportunities out there.

2. The Word Press platform not only offers a more versatile and more robust work space, but it is a hosting service which means I get to have my own domain name!

3. With the changes noted above, I'm hoping to offer richer and more frequent content. Clearly race reports have been among the most frequently read of my posts and I think I can spring board off of that to offer more of what folks find interesting.

So, you ask, what will the new blog be called?

As one who is nearly always finishing right around the 50th percentile of any race, I'm without a doubt a middle-of-the-packer. Therefore, I'm calling my blog:

The View From the Mop

It will probably be a few days before any posts are up but you can find it at:

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to speaking to you soon from my new internet home

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