Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I've been back from my Italian vacation for about a week, but I still feel like I have not fully returned to my normal training routine--particularly the run. That said, I've managed to hit the major points of my work out, most notably the brick I did last Friday.

This weekend was spent at my father-in-law's for his 60th birthday and I had thought that might put a dent in my training plans. Fortunately, Saturday included a trip to their association pool where I was able to get 30 minutes and 1500 yards in the narrowest lane pool I've seen:

There are 3 lanes on the left side of the picture. The right side is a shallow (like two feet) play pool.

I had a good strength workout yesterday and later this morning I'm off  to the local pool for a swim and then it's off to so a 45 mile + route through Bennett though today it's going to start out at the Aurora Reservoir.

Since it's going to be dry, I'm plan on bringing the camera along. There are not a lot of great shots along the route, but there are a few.

Until later...

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