Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Italian Job - Day 1

NEWARK, NJ--After I finished the Greeley Triathlon I kicked up my training in anticipation of the Creek Streak. Now that the Streak is over, I'm looking ahead to the TriRock in San Diego on 9/11. Training this week?

Well....I guess that's the Italian job--doing a least a little training while I'm running around the land of Gelato and lots of really tasty but often not-so-healthy food.

As I write this, I'm sitting in Newark's Liberty International airport for my flight to Rome. No, I won't be doing some core exercises on the overnight flight and tomorrow I'm going to just try and recover. Friday, however is slated for a six mile run around the city. I've programmed the course in the FR305 so hopefully that will keep me from getting (too) lost.

I'd post a picture here, but as I mentioned, I'm in Newark and there is really nothing picture-worthy around.

Talk to you later.

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