Friday, August 5, 2011

The Italian Job - Running Around Rome

Jet lag seem to have the effect of making me very tired on day one and then up early on day two. Such was the case today when I was wide awake a little after 4:30. That was still to early to go running so I killed a couple of hours reading and headed out a little after 6:30.

It was much cooler than yesterday afternoon had been, but the humidity is still very high and I was sweating profusely almost as soon as I started.

The first stop on my running tour was the Pantheon

Later there would be throngs of people, but at this early hour, it was nice and quiet. On I went down a narrow alley and then back onto a major street. A right turn had me facing the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuelle II:

And of course, the most famous of Roman monuments, the Colosseum:

Shortly after this I managed to get myself somewhat lost and spent the rest of the run working on getting myself back to the hotel. It worked and I got in a fairly easy six miles. I was fairly sweaty but not overly tired or warm. All told, it was one of the most scenic runs I've taken in quite a while

Tomorrow is a non-exercise day but I'll be doing an easy three on Sunday then off to Tuscany and I get to add bicycling to the job!

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