Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heart Rate Training Begins

There's no question that this is going to present some unanticipated challenges.

This afternoon I haded out on a 40 minute run with the single goal of staying in Zone I. With my MHR of 171 that meant keeping my heart rate between 103 and 128 bpm which is quite a bit lower than what I've previously considered normal.

The very beginning of the run proved to be challenging in this regard. I kept going way over the top limit with minimal effort. In fact, I slowed to a walk a few times just to make sure the rate went back down.

It took more than a mile, but I finally settled into a more stable pattern and though the pace was much slower than anything I've done lately, I also didn't feel like I had to walk to stay in my zone.

In this zone, I should be burning mostly fat so it will be interesting to see if my body fat % declines as I continue in Z1. My Withings Wi-Fi scale had that reading at 12.3% this morning.

I'm going to have to give some thought to how I start out these runs as well. I think there's a point of increased HR activity at the very beginning that needs to be considered.

While a little frustrating, I'm still fairly intrigued by the process so I hope to have more to share as I progress,

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