Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long Week = Bike

My off-season training plan is something of a mutt. I've adopted a lot of other plans and put some of my own touches on them. One of the former is the variation on which discipline is the long one of the week. This week, that was the bike.

It was not the warmest of days but not bad either. I opted to wear a technical shirt and my running jacket but stayed with just shorts. It's pretty rare that my legs get chilly.

The recently tightened strap on my HR monitor helped, but about a mile and a half in, I found it spiking again. I stopped and tightened it some more but it still gave me fits until I had warmed up. This lead to a new discovery, my running jacket fits a little bit loosely so when going faster, it flaps around a bit. At the same time, my HR monitor spikes. I noticed this when I was going down the steepest hill on the ride and was not pedaling yet my HR shot way up. My theory is that the jacket is generating static electricity which is in turn interfering with the monitor. I noticed if I pulled my arms in close to my body, the effect went away.

All in all, it was a good ride and the longest I've been out on the bike in quite a while. I don't doubt my ability to do outside rides will continue to be hampered by the coming winter, but I'll enjoy these days when I can.

In other news, I'm five weeks away from the Rock Canyon Half Marathon in Pueblo. My brother has done this one a few times and has been encouraging me to do it for years. It ought to be nice to have a big event in the off-season when there is not much else going on. Once that's done, I'll be going back to more Z1 training and building that base up as I get ready for the 70.3 event next summer.

More later...thanks for reading!

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