Monday, October 17, 2011

A Weekend in the High Country

My week off is coming to a close and I spent the last couple of days of it here in the Red Feather Lakes area at my parents' mountain home.

We're long past aspen watching--I think that probably peaked two or three weeks ago, but it's always picturesque up here. We did a drive up Deadman Road yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the beauty that's pretty much a year-round event in this part of the world.

The picture below doesn't really show it, but the wind was fierce.

We had a couple of good dinners--jambalaya and chicken mole tortas--but alas the work on both was a little too intense to take the time for photos and add posts to the cooking site. Fear not, they'll eventually make it there after I get some time to set it up a little more carefully.

I finished the main sections of Heart Rate Training and it includes a really good training plan for 70.3 length races. My hope is to do a max HR test for the bike when I return home to Parker this afternoon. Right now, the weather looks a little crappy for riding (windy according to but hopefully it will be tolerable enough.

I've got a lot more to share on the HR training front including how I hope to use the authors' technique for building my own plan as well as how I do in staying with the HR zones. In the meantime, I need to pack up and get going. We woke up this morning to this:

Very pretty, but also a sure sign it's time to get going before we get stuck up here!

Thanks for reading.

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