Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Race on the Schedule

It’s been in my plans for a while, but as of today, I am officially registered for the Boulder Peak Triathlon. This is part of the WTC 5i50 Series of Olympic (or International as they put it) distance races. There are less than a dozen races in the series (plus a championship race) so it’s much smaller than either their 70.3 or 140.6 Ironman offerings.

I’m excited and a little daunted. The bike stage includes a 15% grade hill through the foothills west of Boulder. And since what goes up must come down, there’s also a downhill section where a 35 MPH speed limit will be enforced!

Both the Swim and Run Course mark familiar territory since I’ve covered part of each at the Stroke and Stride series. The main difference here is that the distances will be doubled and the swim will be a single 1500 meter lap and the run will be an out and back, but extend 1.55 kilometers past the normal turnaround point. Another piece of good news about the run portion is that it is more or less flat—something almost unheard of in most of Boulder!

The Peak will be my first Oly of the year and, I think, good preparation for the HITS which is 3 weeks later. There’s much to do between now and then including some 129 hours of training and that includes two sprint tri’s a half marathon and a road race or two. Nevertheless, it’s good to have it on the official schedule and I’m looking forward to it.

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