Monday, February 20, 2012

My Body Was Talking To Me

I suspect most folks load up their weekends when they put together a training a plan. I'm no different. I started my three day weekend on Friday afternoon with a forty-five minute swim. I went at a pretty good clip of about 52 yards per minute. 

On Saturday, I had planned to do an outside run but the cold air made me change my plans to the trainer. That meant I spent three hours spinning and burning a couple thousand calories in the process.

Sunday's first workout was 30 minutes of strength work. The second was a 60 minute run. It was on the second workout that I heard from my body. Just one word but it was clear: REST. My heart rate was much higher than it normally is on a run and I kept feeling like I was losing my breath.

I've seen this before. In fact, I even posted a tip about it back in June. 

Today, I did nothing. Just rested and relaxed. What's more, I won't be doing anything more until tomorrow evening when I'll be back on the trainer again. 

It's a familiar lesson to almost anyone who does any kind of physical training, but it bears repeating: unless you're in the middle of a race, listen to your body when it's screaming at you to rest.

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