Friday, April 20, 2012

Ready to Race!

I just checked the forecast for Fort Collins on Sunday morning and it is a beaut! Temps will range between 53* and 62* during the time I’ll be racing and the winds are going to be all of 3mph.

Every race has its own inherent obstacles. At the Rock & Roll, it was crowds. At the Rock Canyon, it was...well rocks. The Horsetooth Half has that 9% grade in the first two miles. But, if the forecast holds, I won’t be dealing with 30mph wind gusts in my face during the long flat stretch on the second half of the course. I won’t have to watch my footing on ice or snow.

What it all ultimately means is that, more so than not, it’s up to me. If I’m properly hydrated, adequately nourished and keep my focus on my pacing, I’ve got the opportunity for a pretty good day.

Race day is almost here. Let’s do this!

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