Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It does pay to get some professional medical advice.

As part of my routine physical, I asked my doctor about the pain in my right calf. Although I though it was an issue with my gastrocnemius, the injured muscle may actually be the soleus:

He said it is more prone to injury and also takes longer to heal. Sounds about right.

While there is no guarantee of any result, at his advice I'm going to start physical therapy next week at a place called Cherry Creek Wellness Center. While they have clinics all over the Front Range, they also have one in Lone Tree just a short drive from work.

I've been treated for all kinds of ailments. Nuclear medicine diagnosis: yep. Steroid shots in my foot: check. MRI: had one of those. Physical therapy: Never.

It will be interesting to see what results but hopefully after four weeks I'll be on my way to healing up. Perhaps, if I am very lucky, I'll even have a shot at still running the marathon. Maybe.

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