Saturday, February 2, 2013

Race Schedule Revisions

There have been a few date changes and a race that I have decided to drop. Here’s where things stand now:

This one is still on. It’s been an open question coming so close to my full marathon, but I’ll just use it as a taper event with no concerns about time. Given the steep hills, taking it slow ought not to be a problem.

Definitely still on. No way have I been doing all these long runs not to test my mettle in a full race. I am hoping for decent weather!

I’m dropping the Ordinary Mortals race off the list. Part of the appeal was doing the first possible race of the season. I guess it might still be, but a week after the marathon is just a little too soon to be racing again. I understand why the organizers moved to May. It still ought to be a great race for folks in Southern Colorado.

No changes here. This is my season opener again. I like the organization and execution Without Limits brings to their events. I might get tired of it, but I’m not there yet!

Well…yeah! I put this date in ink on my calendar every year. 

Yep. I’m registered for the entire series so there’s no question that I’ll be doing all three. The 5430 Sprint is only three days after I get back from a vacation to Europe. That could prove challenging, but I’m up for it.

Another one for which I have registered and am therefore committed. It’s less than a week after my previous race, but I really do want to race more this year. Plus, a small part of the bike course covers where last year’s HITS 70.3 was supposed to go so that’s a plus. 

This was one of my favorites from last year. Great organization, fantastic venue and lots of food and one of three Saturday races on the docket. It’s also the closest to home. I completed my early registration and saved a few bucks.

Its place in the order has not changed, but the date is now September 22 which is two weeks later than past years. I don’t think that should have much of a weather impact. Even if the bay gets a little cooler, in a wetsuit, it ought to even out. 

Another one for which I registered very early to ensure a spot and save some cash. This will be interesting, to put it mildly. Later in the season by several weeks, site unseen, and multiple transition areas all factor into making this perhaps the most mysterious of my races. I do hear a lot of good things about it, however, and I've been to Austin before and think it’s a great town.

Dropping one race really makes the schedule no less ambitious. What’s more, I think I’ll benefit from a short time span between TriRock and IM Austin.

As the season draws nearer, the schedule is gelling more and (short of any major event) I’m not anticipating any more changes.

Whatever your schedule is, good luck and thanks for reading!

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