Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

According to last night, the windchill in Red Feather Lakes was negative 28 degrees. No way for me to know if that was accurate, but I can say that after two minutes of waiting for my dogs to do their thing outside, I was chilled to the bone!

The fierce wind continues today even though the sun is out and the scenery is beautiful:

It's pretty much a do nothing day. I've been enjoying my first ever copy of USA Triathlon Life. Appropriately enough, it's the Beginners Issue so I've read some good tips.

Still planning on a 30 minute swim tomorrow afternoon and I'm hoping to have a successful first use of the Finis Tempo Trainer. Not easy, but I am going to try and focus more on technique and worry less about how far I actually swim.

Until then...

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