Sunday, January 23, 2011

A good week

Though I'm not swimming any faster, I'm fairly pleased with the progress I've made this week. Both of my runs were ahead of goal pace and the six miles I did on Friday actually felt pretty good. I rode on the trainer twice, Monday and today and today was easier.

As for the pool, well....still pretty slow but I think I've found a week point in my technique. I found that I was not pulling my hand far enough back during the power phase of my stroke. When I made a more deliberate effort to pull all the way back to my hip, I found I was faster. What's more, I found this at the end of my work out when I was fairly tired. It will be interesting to see if I gain any yards per minute when I focus on this aspect of technique for the entire work out.

There's another eventful week coming up that includes increased mileage on the bike and my first two-a-day work-out on Saturday. That's more of a trial for later on in February when I'll have them every week.

The following week will also be busy and will include out-of-state travel. More on that later.

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