Saturday, February 5, 2011


Cold and snowy Denver is behind us and we're (we = wife + me) enjoying very fair weather here in Southern California.

We arrived a little before 8:00 Thursday night. Our flight was delayed by about forty minutes, in part due to the need to de-ice before we left. Southwest has introduced WiFi service on their flights and I was looking forward to sending a post from 35,000 feet. Unfortunately, for reasons I cannot understand, the blogging page was blocked by their Internet service. Alas, no post until today.

I got up Friday morning for a four mile run and was pleasantly reminded of how easy it is to run at low altitude after doing most of my training at around 6000 feet. Four miles around Santee went very easily. I forgot my heart rate monitor, but I doubt I was ever much above 145.

After spending the morning around town, we hit the road to Temecula at about 2:00 and, after stopping for lunch, got here around 4:00 or so.

As I mentioned the weather has been good though it does cool down into the low 50's once the sun goes down. It's still much better than what we experiencing just a few days ago.

From around town:

Sign in front of the local town hall

The Town Hall clock tower. Even more impressive when viewed from the bottom of the hill on which it sits.
I have a five mile run planned for tomorrow morning. For today, it's just hanging around the Old Town, tasting wine and simply enjoying the fact that it is in the 70's!

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