Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brick # 6

It's been several weeks since I did a brick work out. At least if you define a brick as a bike followed by a run. While it's true I have done a duathlon and a triathlon in between (not to mention a couple of aquathlons) it's still been about two months.

I've been feeling a little tired again this week. Enough so that I scrubbed yesterday's pool swim from my workout. I think that was the right choice. This morning I felt well rested--even if my enthusiasm was not there.

Unlike my last ride up in Bennett, today was around my own neck of the woods so that meant hills. It was a good ride, but I did climb a couple of monsters. The profile looks like a roller coaster:

Considering how hard my Thursday run was, I had some concerns going into the five mile run-portion of today's brick. Fortunately, I felt pretty good. I stayed to a relatively flat course and that helped. I also slowed my pace quite a bit from my usual faster rate for the 5k distance. That helped even more.

Certainly not my speediest day, but it did give me cause for optimism for four weeks from today when I'll be doing the Creek Streak. Tomorrow is just a strength day and then I have the t-shirt run in Wash Park on Monday. Until then....

Brick 6 Results:

1) Bike : 15.62 miles, 58:00, 16.2 mph average
2) Transition: 2:18
3) Run: 5 miles, 48:28, 9:41 ppm average

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