Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rained Out!!

For the second time in five days and the third time this summer, the swim portion of my aquathlon has been called on the account of rain--well lightning to be more specific.

This afternoon I was ready to do the third in the Aquaman Series out at Cherry Creek Reservoir but as (bad) luck would have it, lightning was seen in the area. I don't blame them for calling the race, but the lousy weather makes it tough to get my swimming in.

It also wreaks havoc on my training schedule which is now going to be redone and will include only one swim instead of my preferred two.

Fortunately, it looks like things are going to dry out around here in the next few days so I'll be able to run long tomorrow and ride really long on Thursday. That leaves a Friday pool swim and then the third and final brick before the Streak on Saturday morning.

Here's hoping that the weather holds for the next couple of weeks and that I'm truly ready for my first Oly.


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