Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Run

Every Christmas Day in each of my 41 years has been a low-key, fairly lazy day--which suits me just fine. But spending the holiday in Florida isn't exactly a normal Christmas for me either. I'm here, it's in the sixties, so why not.

After watching my nieces tear into their Christmas presents (high entertainment itself), I got myself ready for a point-to-point run south along the beach on Anastasia Island down to the river delta by Fort Mantazas.

The weather changes along the north eastern Florida even more often than it does in Colorado. While not as strong or cold as what I dealt with on Thursday, there was nevertheless a head wind today. No question it slowed me up, but it also helped keep me cooler.  That was a good thing because I was not running with any water.

As I headed south, I was reminded a little bit of my treadmill runs. This was still better, but there were similarities. The scenery was basically the same the whole way, the surface was softer than the streets and sidewalks I usually run on and most of all, it was flat. Still though, it was more interesting than a treadmill and I do appreciate being able to run outside in shorts (I won't be doing that back in Colorado for a while),

One of my Christmas presents was a Finis Tempo Trainer. This is a about the radius of a half dollar and maybe 1/4 inch thick. It sits under your google strap or swim cap and beeps a cadence in your ear. Like a lot of people knew to this sport, swimming is my weakest areas so I'm hoping the tempo trainer will help me out with the swim technique.

I was also pleased to get a Garmin quick-mount kit for the FR305. It will make is really easy to transition from bike to run in T2 (and if I bring it on the swim, from water to bike in T1).

Though the trip to Florida has been enjoyable, I'm also looking forward to getting back to Colorado to resume my full compliment of training including getting back to the biking and swimming workouts. This upcoming week marks the last one of my "pre" training before the plan begins in earnest. It's a that point that I officially start "keeping score" on my progress vs. my goals.

Another long travel day tomorrow so probably no post until Monday or Tuesday....till then.

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