Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bike 2 Work

While I'm pretty sure I would not/could not do this every day, participating in Bike To Work day was actually a lot of fun.

Much like any other work morning, I left the house a little after 7:00. Unlike other mornings though, my conveyance was not my Volvo but rather my Cannondale!

Along the way a fairly extensive breakfast stop was setup along the Cherry Creek path near E-470. There were bagels, coffee and water. All very thoughtful though I was not interested in riding the rest of the way to work with a bagel sitting in my stomach like a rock.

It's probably best that the altitude at which I live is higher than the one at which I work. All in, it's a little over a 1000 foot drop between the two locations. It was also cool this morning and both factors meant I wasn't too sweaty (read: stinky) when I pulled up in front of my office.

A few fresh strokes of deodorant and a change of clothes later and I was ready for another day at work. I actually felt pretty good though as the morning went by, the need for some lunch was stronger than usual.

A little after 4:30 this afternoon I was back in my bike gear and on my way home. Since my office sits near the very busy intersection of I-25 and Dry Creek Road, I decided to take advantage of any opportunity to avoid riding through heavy traffic. Hence, I cruised over the highway on one of the pedestrian bridges that provides light rail access.

And it gave me the opportunity to appreciate the fact that I wasn't dealing with this:

The rest of the ride home was a mix of bike paths and streets but no problems. I had to add a couple of miles to ensure that I trued my mileage to at least 30 for the day.

 All in all it was a nice way to change the typical riding workout. It was no doubt easier than putting in a full 30 miles all at once, but still it was enjoyable. It also gave me a chance to practice my on-bike photography.

Okay, it still needs a little work!

Tomorrow is the Stroke and Stride. After last week's struggles, I'm still a little concerned about swimming the full 1500 meters (which includes a 100 meter run in the middle) but I'm also feeling the pressure to be ready for the Creek Streak in about five weeks. Probably still a game-time decision.

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