Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outdoor Swimming

Today was my first attempt at swimming at my local outdoor pool. It's 25 meters as opposed to the 25 yards I've been swimming at the indoor pool at the rec center. That being the case, I was a little off about what would constitute a "normal" lap. The other challenge was swimming around people. Unfortunately, there was no lap lane set up and the mass of people there on a hot afternoon seemed a little oblivious of me.

Nevertheless, it went pretty well and a little over 40 minutes later I had put 1600 meters behind me. It was not my fastest swim but the dodging and weaving didn't help. Next time, I'm going to try later.

For the next swim, it won't matter. I'll be back at Grant Ranch on Saturday morning and folks who go out there are more interested in swimming than splashing around. Fifty some degree water will have that effect!

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