Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Good Morning on the Water

So maybe it's the fourth time that's the charm. Today was my fourth trip out to Bowles Reservoir Number One and by far the best of my four open water swims. I think a couple of factors contributed to that. First, the water felt much warmer. There have been no official postings, but it makes sense given the string of warm weather we've had over the last week. It wasn't balmy but it was not nearly as shocking. I also think knowing the buoy course a little better.

Given that I wasn't freezing, I felt more comfortable and went out with a little less intensity than usual. Knowing that my swim was a long one also helped me take it easy in the early stages. Having a good swim like that gives me more confidence going into next week's Greeley Triathlon.

Speaking of which, I got my first communication from them this week. Indications are that the lake at the course site will be about seventy degrees. Much as I enjoy the buoyancy and speed I get from the wetsuit, I think I'll be swimming in just my tri shorts. It's only a 500 meter distance and given the water temp, I think the benefits would be negligible.

Planning a long ride in the country tomorrow and then I start easing up a little bit in anticipation of the race.

It's been really nice the last few days and that's been a real benefit to the training. Hopefully that keeps up because after next Sunday, the pace really picks up!

A fairly close approximation of the mile course.

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