Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ready to Go!

It's been quiet in these parts recently so I apologize for going so many days without a post.

I've had a fairly easy week after the big ride on Sunday. I got one more short 15 miler on the trainer Tuesday and that's been about it. My attempt to swim laps on Wednesday got skunked by lightning--they would not let me in the pool, and on Thursday between a sore knee and hamstring, I decided a three mile run was really not going to do any good.

I had a couple of good strength days, but the tri training has been very light. I think I'll be better off for it.

In about an hour or so, I'm heading up to Greeley where I'll attend the 2:00 pre-race meeting and pick up my packet. My brother and I are also going to drive the bike course just to get a first hand look. We grew up in Greeley, but didn't spend any of that time around the course which lies mostly along the western town limit.

Pre-race e-mails have indicated a 70 degree water temperature so I'm still planning on swimming sans-wetsuit but it's going to make the trip just in case I change my mind. Not wearing will probably shave as much as a minute off my T1 and that seems like it's worth it.

Other than the meeting, there's nothing much to do but wait--not my favorite thing. However, I'm excited, I'm ready and by the time I make my next post, I'll no longer be a First Timer triathlete.

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