Saturday, May 28, 2011

Around the Buoys

Having taken last Saturday off before the race, I missed the debut of the 7 foot buoys at Bowles Reservoir last weekend. They were up again this morning waiting for me. There were also quite a few more people at the lake than there have been in past weeks. The weather was definitely better though the lake is still as chill as ever.

I got started after my usual pre-swim exercises that get me into the water and and adapted to the cold. A handful of people were still standing on the shore when I took off so it feels good to be somewhat seasoned in the water and no longer intimidated by the cold. Besides, no matter how long you procrastinate on the beach, the water will still be cold when you get in.

Sighting is still a pretty unnatural part of the free-style stroke but it went pretty well. I definitely veered back and forth, but for the most part I stayed on the line of where I was headed. Compared to trying to pick some object on the far shore, it went really well.

On my way out, I confirmed that the area will be open through at least the end of August which bodes well as I'll want to continue to do my open water swimming in preparation for the TriRock.

The rest of today and tomorrow are rest days ahead of Monday's BolderBoulder. Next post will be a race report of that one.

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