Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pool Progress!

I've referred to my difficulties with swimming in past posts. Like so many others, I've found the swim to be one of the most challenging as well as frustrating aspects of the entire process. Even as recently as last Friday I had a less than stellar day in the pool.

When I rolled out of bed a little before 6:00 this morning, I was just grateful I had managed to wake up and get going. I had no expectation other than to just get some laps in and hopefully do better than my last early morning swim which was over a month and a half ago.

It started off pretty well and I felt calm and relaxed as I pulled my way through the water. By my second 100 yards, I realized I was actually feeling pretty good. By the time I had covered 400 yards, I knew I was having a really good day. When it was over, I had gone 1300 yards in 28:29 which works out to--wait for it--over 45 yards per minute.

There must be something to hitting the water early in the day rather than later in the afternoon like I had been. Clearly there is an energy level there that I did not realize could have such an effect. It makes me glad that events are scheduled for mornings.

The next time I swim will be in open water. I'm not worried about my first attempt at it, but I really do hope all goes well. At least if it doesn't, I'll be able to learn my lessons in practice rather than on race day.

Next post ought to be a summary of the swim as well as the course route bike ride in Longmont.

Till then....

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