Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brick # 5

My final brick workout before the big day is complete. Unlike the previous four weeks, the weather just would not hold off so it was an inside event. 

As usual, the trainer was both easier and faster than an outside ride would have been, but I think it still had its benefits.

Fortunately, the treadmill is not much different than an outdoor run. It was also helpful in picking the pace I wanted and keeping it consistent.

About an hour and twenty minutes and couple pounds of sweat later, I was done. No question that the real thing will be harder, but I do think these last five weeks have done a great deal to prepare me both physically and mentally.

My last "field test" is an open water swim this coming Saturday followed by a ride of the bike course for the Summer Open Sprint. This will be my first time in the wetsuit and in open water. It will also be the first time I can do a ride on a primarily flat course. Might be nice if wind were not a factor either, but given recent weather I'm not holding my breath.

The big day is getting close. I'm a little nervous but still feeling pretty good about it.

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