Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As you can see on the countdown, there is just a little more than four days until the big event. Today I received the e-mail with all of the final instructions.

So far, the weather forecast looks favorable. Looks like this is really going to happen.

I probably would not be human if I was not a little bit nervous. And I am. I expect I may have felt this way in the days leading up to the Rock and Roll Marathon in 2006. However, since I didn't blog about that event, I don't have any clear recollection.

Today saw an nice easy 3 mile run. Tomorrow I rest and then Thursday I'm going to take a leisurely spin on my trainer for about 10 miles. Then it's lots of rest, healthy diet and as much sleep as I can get.

Not sure if I'll get another post in before hand so if not, the next one will be the race report. The wife has very thoughtfully agreed to go along and take pictures.

Until next time...

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